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Recreational league Update

CYSO parents and players,

We are working hard to resolve the registration issues that have been handed down to us from Cal-North. I would like to first apologize to those of you that have not heard from your child's coach. I know that this is frustrating and concerning because you have already paid. Let me take a moment to explain to you how the process works. Ceres Youth Soccer Organization belongs to and is affiliated with Cal-North (formerly known as California Youth Soccer Association). All registration, liability and insurance is though them. Coaches are required by Cal-North to get fingerprinted as part of the background screening to help protect our children from criminals and predators. Registration is done online through Cal-North for our players and coaches. We cannot print rosters to give to coaches until Cal-North releases them.

There are 2 issues that have caused a delay for your child if you haven't been called.

  • 1) The coach did not get printed in a timely manner.
  • 2) Your child's team did not have a coach until recently and we are waiting for the clearance from the DOJ so Cal-North can release the roster to us.

All CYSO coaches are volunteers. On the first day of registration CYSO has 0 coaches. As players are registering; so are the coaches. Because of the growing size of our league, it becomes harder to fill all teams with coaches by the last registration date. At this time board members (also volunteers) try contacting all the parents on those teams to find someone to volunteer for the coaching position. Sometimes that can take weeks because everyone is busy and cannot find the time to help. At this point board members take on 1-2 teams so that these kids can play while already volunteering their time to help run this league.

CYSO works hard to keep registration costs to a minimum. This year you paid $80 a child with sibling discounts that could have reached up to $40 or more in savings. Other leagues' registration start at $120 and go as high as $160 per player! These leagues also do not give every child that participates a trophy. So you might wonder how we are able to keep our costs so low while others are so high? We have worked closely with the City of Ceres to keep our field rental costs low. We have a wonderful contract with Score who provides us with our uniforms. Wilson Trophy continues to slash prices on their products because we have become a faithful customer over the years. But most importantly, we stay non-profit with no paid employees or office space to create overhead. So as volunteers we work hard after work, time with our kids and dinner to resolve some of these issues that we are having. This year we have over 1400 players, 85+ teams and 120+ coaches. It is a huge undertaking for anyone that does this in their spare time.

Please accept my sincerest apologies if you are still waiting. I was informed that a few more coaches were approved today and will be picking up their rosters this evening. You should receive a call very soon. As volunteers we do this for our community but most importantly we do it for our kids.

Bryan Hays
CYSO President

About CYSO

CYSO was founded over 30 years ago. A few good people had a vision that has grown to almost 1300 registered
players a year! Our goal is to support the youth of our community by giving them a safe environment to play
while teaching them skills needed for soccer and life.

CYSO is a Non-Profit Organization with both Recreational and Competitive teams. On average CYSO will carry 75+ recreational
teams and 8 competitive teams. Recently we have had both boys and girls Ceres Earthquakes competitive teams
make semi finals at State and Association Cup.

CYSO is proud that it was able to support the City of Ceres in the development of "Ceres River Bluff Regional Park".
We donated $20,000 to that project. Currently we are raising money to help fund the completion
of 2 more fields. With the number of player registrations we have had the past years, we have reached
our max. With the arrival of 2 new fields we will be able to take every child that signs up to play.

This is also CYSO's second year with a TOPSoccer league. TOPSoccer is a US Youth Soccer program
designed for children with disabilities. We are excited for these children to have an opportunity
to play in our community.

So come and join the hundreds of kids having a ball in the Ceres Youth Soccer Organization!

CYSO Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide an environment in which children
can enjoy the game of soccer, enabling them to build
confidence and friendship, improve their health and vitality,
and develop a sense of teamwork, fair play, and respect
in themselves and others.

2014 Sign-Ups

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